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Before Sunrise - Şafakla Dönenler (2014) 

Dad and son set to work in spite of the cruelty of the night and the weather. They try to sell vegetables which they have bought from big shops. They encounter with the pressure of the city police because of working as peddlers. They try to sell vegetables by running away all night. Their wheelbarrow is stolen after they sell some goods. They do not only try to sell goods by carrying them and search for their wheelbarrow but also get away from the city police. Can they find their wheelbarrow before the dawn? What will dad and son live during the night? 

Before Sunrise, tries to tell difficulties which all labourers have in the point of Erdal and Merdan's views.

Before Sunrise
A drama documentary which updates the urgency and poignancy of the post-war neo-realist movement that produced such classics as Bicycle Thieves. A man and his young son spending the hours before sunrise selling vegetables near the Market Hall much to the dislike of the officially licensed traders nearby. One night their barrow is stolen and their lives are thrown into disarray, but what sort of new day will the dawn bring? Writer-director Murat Eroğlu's debut feature is an incisive and revealing look at a hidden world and forgotten lives. (London Turkish Film Festival 2015)


To those who walk in dark towards the light… À ceux qui marchent dans l’obscurité vers la lumière... Karanlıkta ışığa yürüyenlere… Ji bo ê ku di tarîyê de berbi ronahîyê diçin… 


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