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Paradoks Film

Director: Metin GÖNEN

Paradoks Film was established in 2009 by philosopher – filmmaker – author Metin Gönen based on the idea “we all are film makers, we all are mounting, forming reality and life, telling cine-stories”.

Paradoks Film performs its works within the idea “cinema is essentially a paradoxical art, a sensible creation, a sensible way of thinking, in spite of having its technical and grammatical rules”. Paradoks Film believes that neither technique nor technology is enough to create the artwork. Therefore, it is necessary to have artistic skills which help making choices and decisions about what should be recorded and in which way. Because of the fact that the language of cinema by itself cannot manage to tell dramatic narratives, Paradoks Film emphasizes that thinking heads are necessary to organize cinematographic narration operations within a basic idea.

Paradoks Film realizes it’s film production & direction and cinema education activities in this philosophic and artistic scope.

On the one hand Paradoks Film develops and creates feature films, documentaries and short films. On the other hand Paradoks Film develops directors, script writers and authors realizing directing workshops, script writing workshops, documentary directing workshops, cine-philosophy workshops (film analysis and philosophy of films) and cinema summer camps constantly every year (www.paradoksakademi.org).

Paradoks Film shares its film productions, the teaching activities in its cinema workshops, explorative writings about cinema & philosophy relationship, its analysis of important films in history and its significant cine – philosophic works at its web site (www.paradoksdergi.com).



We are all filmmakers"

"Nous sommes tous des cinéastes"

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