Chuchotements de zone morte (2012),  Bande-annonce
Chuchotementes de zone morte (2012) :: Direktor: Firat Cagri BEYAZ, Scénario et Réalisation: Firat Cagri BEYAZ - Metin GÖNEN, Productions: Kans Yapim - ParadoksFilm

Synopsis: Mete, successful young director who makes TV series, settles down in İstanbul to which he comes from the Northern Cyprus; yet doesn’t feel like being belonged to there. He comes back Cyprus, the lands he was born in, for making a documentary film. Mete feels the Peninsulas’ division into two zones as Greek and Turkish part very deep inside while he is visiting the cemetery of his ex-girlfriend; his mother and his old friends. He comes closer to a beatiful woman, Rüyam who he meets after his return while they are taking photos by walking around the Peninsula. After this encounter, he will have to choose one option between completely being far from the Peninsula; and going beyond the problems of his belongingness and the feelings of his disintegration.



Mete PERE (Mete)
Mete PERE | Ölü Bölgeden Fısıltılar He is a musician, songwriter and at the same time a composer and especially he is known for the important songs of the band called “Aşka özlem”. He carried on his work with many musicians and bands such as Can Güney, Turkuaz, Unreal, Korhan Saygıner, Fikri Karayel after the break-up of the band. He starred in “Whispers of Dead Zone” written and directed by Çağrı Beyaz.



Leman ÖZDOĞAN (Rüyam)
Leman ÖZDOĞAN | Ölü Bölgeden Fısıltılar The actress, born in Cyprus on 6th August, 1983, attended Kyrenia Municipality Theater while continuing high school education. She went to Istanbul to study at conservatory. Then in 2003, she was awarded to study acting ln Herbert Bergof Actor’s Studio ln New York, so she got the chance to go on her education. Living in New York for 5 years, she took part in various theater and TV projects. Later, she came to Istanbul for summer holiday in 2007, she was offered to play in a TV serial “Bıçak Sırtı” and she starred as “Selin”. Then in 2009, in another TV serial “Güldünya”, in which Sanem Çelik also starred, she acted as “Emine”. Then again, returning to New York, she took part in an offbroadway play called “Joan of Arc” as “Jeanne”. Young actress acted in the upcoming movie “Whispers of Dead Zone” directed by çağrı Beyaz. Now, her life goes on both in New York and Cyprus.


Sevcan ÇERKEZ (Nurdan Hanım)
Sevcan ÇERKEZ | Ölü Bölgeden Fısıltılar Sevcan Çerkez was born in a region of Nicosia called Küçük Kaymaklı in 1961. She is an award-winning ceramic sculpture artist. She was granted Commonwealth Award, one of the most prestigious art awards, for applying her style while creating the facial expressions and gestures of human-sized statues. Via this award, she tutored sculpture courses to homeless children voluntarily in Cape of Good Hope, Africa. Also, she represented her country in many international exhibitions.



Orginal Name : Ölü Bölgeden Fısıltılar
Production Year : 2012
Duration : 86 dk
Turkey (Kans Yapım) , (Paradoks Film)
Language : Turkish

Director : Fırat Çağrı BEYAZ
Writers: Fırat Çağrı BEYAZ – Metin GÖNEN
Production : Recep Süleyman ÖNÜT
Co Production : Metin GÖNEN


Mete PERE (Mete)
Leman ÖZDOĞAN (Rüyam)
Sevcan ÇERKEZ (Nurdan)
Toprak ALTAY
Haluk Ramon SERHUN
Şerife AKMAN

Editor : Taner SARF- Fırat Çağrı BEYAZ
Sound : Konstantinos KİTTOU
Gaffer : Berzani YÜCEL
Production Coordinator : Murat Resul ODABAŞ
Assistant Director : Efe BALKAN


Original Title: Ölü Bölgeden Fısıltılar
English Title: Whispers of Dead Zone
Year: 2012
Language: Turkish
Subtitle: English
Shooting Format: Digital
Color: Colorful
Screen Ratio: 1.77:1
Publication Format: Digital Betacam